Skulls of Wrath Weekly Podcast Ep. 10 with Donny Van Straven from Riot V


Q: Is it impossible to produce a podcast without using XLR microphones?
A: No, not impossible at all. Musicians and professional broadcasters will be intimately familiar the the XLR connection, but regarding podcasts that require editing & other post-production touches a basic USB or any other microphone that produces digital files for editing etc later on, will do.


We talk to Donny Van Stavern from Riot V- Bass player for American Power metal band- all about the bands 2018 new album, Armor of Light.



- Believe Digital acquires majority stake in Nuclear Blast Records-a giant in the heavy metal world.
- At the Gates, The Haunted & Witchery announce Australian tour in 2019. Just a heads up for Kiwi fans, you know, if you happen to be heading over...
- Megadeth not only launches 'Megacuise', but also 'Kegadeth'. Sit with that for a minute.
- We did not discuss any news relating to koRn, Nickelback, Insane Clown Posse, LimpBizkit, Nirvana.


RECORD LABEL ROUNDUP: New Music Videos and/or [Albums] from:

  • Chthonic [Battlefields of Asura]
  • Witch Casket- Punishment
  • All Hail the Yeti- The Nuclear Dust
  • Tesseract - Juno
  • Amon Amarth- Twilight of the Thunder Gods (live)
  • Witherall- Moment of Silence
  • Accept- Balls to the Wall (live)
  • Metal Church- Damned if you do.
  • Outer Heaven [Realms of Eternal Decay]
  • Coffin Birth- The 13th Apostle.
  • Gama Bomb [Speed between the lines]
  • Beyond Creation [Algorythm]
  • Benighted [Dogs always bite harder than their masters.]
  • Terrorizer [Caustic Attack]
  • Trivium- The Wretchedness Inside
  • Psycroptic- Directive.
  • South East Desert Metal- Rainmaker.
  • GWAR- Viking Death Machine.


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