Skulls of Wrath Weekly Ep.9


Q: To paraphrase a message we received recently: Why does a new & small reaching podcast, such as us, have the audacity to provide links to an online merch store?

A: all merch we have is available online is there for the sole purpose of fulfilling my own desire to have these items. I like our logo, and so want to see it plastered on all sorts of things.

Please, if our making links to these merch stores publicly available offends anyone, I do strongly encourage those offended parties to refrain from purchasing any of these items.


  • Megadeth announces new cruise based endeavor 
  • The RIAA releases financial report detailing the state of the music business and what impact streaming has made. 
  • A new 'study': (Spoiler: these two, seemingly, independent reportings are based on the same research for a documentary to come &  be available on the researchers personal website.) 
    • Heavy metal is inclusive and governed by rules of etiquette 
    • Another new study (?): Mosh pits mimic 40,000 year old traditions of Papua New Guinean tribes people.



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