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Skulls of Wrath Weekly Podcast Ep. 10 with Donny Van Straven from Riot V

QUESTION TIME WITH DALE: Q: Is it impossible to produce a podcast without using XLR microphones? A: No, not impossible at all. Musicians and professional broadcasters will be intimately familiar the the XLR connection, but regarding podcasts that require editing & other post-production touches a basic USB or any other microphone that produces digital files for editing etc later on, will do.

INTERVIEW We talk to Donny Van Stavern from Riot V- Bass player for American Power metal band- all about the bands 2018 new album, Armor of Light.

NEWS - Believe Digital acquires majority stake in Nuclear Blast Records-a giant in the heavy metal world. - At the Gates, The Haunted & Witchery announce Australian tour in 2019. Just a heads up for Kiwi fans, you know, if you happen to be heading over... - Megadeth not only launches 'Megacuise', but also 'Kegadeth'. Sit with that for a minute. - We did not discuss any news relating to koRn, Nickelback, Insane Clown Posse, LimpBiz…

Skulls of Wrath Weekly Ep.9

FAQ Q: To paraphrase a message we received recently: Why does a new & small reaching podcast, such as us, have the audacity to provide links to an online merch store?

A: all merch we have is available online is there for the sole purpose of fulfilling my own desire to have these items. I like our logo, and so want to see it plastered on all sorts of things.

Please, if our making links to these merch stores publicly available offends anyone, I do strongly encourage those offended parties to refrain from purchasing any of these items.
Megadeth announces new cruise based endeavor The RIAA releases financial report detailing the state of the music business and what impact streaming has made. A new 'study': (Spoiler: these two, seemingly, independent reportings are based on the same research for a documentary to come &  be available on the researchers personal website.) Heavy metal is inclusive and governed by rules of etiquette Another new study (?): Mosh pits mimic …