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Skulls of Wrath presents: Heavy Metal Wanaka Radio (1) with BEAST IN BLACK

Welcome to Skulls of Wrath presents: Heavy Metal Wanaka Radio, where our online, song-filled, show is 'broadcast' via youtube & mixcloud, and the interviews are shared via podcast networks as 'Skulls of Wrath.

For ‘Beast in Black’ Anton recruited talent from Wardrum, Wisdom, U.D.O & Thunderstone, to help bring his high energy, Scandinavian-pop heavy metal to life.

In 2019, they recently released "From Hell With Love", their excellent followup to the band 2017 smash debut "Berserker", & have sold out tour dates around Europe in support of it.

For initial post on Heavy Metal Wanaka Radio:

Beast in Black:

Dale: (edited out) [How’s it going?] 
Anton Kabanen: All very fine thank you. We’re doing preparations for the upcoming headline tour, and lots of other things since the release …