Skulls of Wrath Weekly #7


  • Bulletbelt (Wellington, NZ) have been added to the Asakusa Deathfest- a 3 day festival in Japan at the end of October. The festival headliners are Finnish death metal legends, Convulse and also features the likes of ‘TeethGrinder”, “Galvaniser”,”Petrification”, and “The Mens Toilet”... 
  • The infamous Satanfest is back for 2018, back for another 3 days at The Embankent Tavern in Christchurch; the full 3 day pass is selling for $50. 
    • Lineup: Undiscovered moons of saturn (akld), Innominatus (dun), Place of Skulls, Methchrist (dun), Men An Tol, Reaper (Melbourne, OZ) on FRIDAY. 
    • Vulthoom (akld), Deathcall (dun), Nystagmus (akld), Contaminated (melb,, OZ), Corpsefeast (napier), Inverloch (melb, OZ) on SATURDAY. 
    • And Gormukilliodokus, Decimated King, Voice of the Black Pharaoh, Igni, AbhoR on SUNDAY. 
    • 17 bands (total), 3 of which are from Australia, 4 from the North Island. 
  • Beastwars performing at the River Range Music Fest in Cromwell, Feb 2019


  1. Cryptopsy- Sure of Sin from The Book of suffering- Tome II due October 26th 
  2. Gama Bomb- Bring out the Monster from Speed between the Lines due 12th Oct 
  3. Lorna Shore - This is hell (new single) 
  4. Fifth Angel- Can you hear me from the Third Secret due 26th October 
  5. Hate Eternal- Nothingness of Being from Upon Desolate Sands. 
  6. Powerwolf- Killer with the Cross from the Sacrament of Sin (out now) 
  7. Horrendous- Devotion (blood for ink) 
  8. Arsis- Tricking the Gods from ‘Visitant’ out 2nd November 
  9. Psycroptic- We were the Keepers from As the Kingdom Drowns due 9th Nov. 
  10. Aborted - Vespertine Decay from TerrorVision due 21st September 
  11. Behemoth- Wolves ov Siberia 
  12. Organectomy - Carnal Bloodlust (new video) 
  13. Trollwar- Summoning from Oath of the Storm 
  14. Architects- hereafter from Holy Hell due 9th Nov 
  15. Lucifers Child- Viva Morte 
  16. Master- stand up and be counted, from Vindictive Miscreant 
  17. Tengger Cavalry- Chasing my horse


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