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Skulls of Wrath Weekly #8


Scott Ian (Anthrax) kicks off Aussie spoken word tour with, not only has friend Kyle done an interview with him (and published on ) but it comes as spoken word tours are all the rage with Bruce Dickinson (NZ & Aussie dates) and Dee Snider (aussie dates) Osboune & Judas Priest announce the first run of NZ shows coming off the massive announcement from Download Festival AU MUSIC

Saxon- Predator (Thunderbolt)Benighted- Dogs always bite harder than their masterThe Monolith Deathcult- Fist of Stalin (V2- Vergelding)Dee Snider- American Made (For the Love of Metal)Deicide- Defying the SacredPyrexia- Angels of Gomorrah (Unholy Requiem)Grave Digger - The Power of Metal (The Living Dead)Bloodbath- Bloodicide Zao- Hide the LightWitchthroat Serpent- Scorpent Serpion (Swallow the Venom)Outer Hea…

Skulls of Wrath Weekly #7

NewsBulletbelt (Wellington, NZ) have been added to the Asakusa Deathfest- a 3 day festival in Japan at the end of October. The festival headliners are Finnish death metal legends, Convulse and also features the likes of ‘TeethGrinder”, “Galvaniser”,”Petrification”, and “The Mens Toilet”... infamous Satanfest is back for 2018, back for another 3 days at The Embankent Tavern in Christchurch; the full 3 day pass is selling for $50. Lineup: Undiscovered moons of saturn (akld), Innominatus (dun), Place of Skulls, Methchrist (dun), Men An Tol, Reaper (Melbourne, OZ) on FRIDAY. Vulthoom (akld), Deathcall (dun), Nystagmus (akld), Contaminated (melb,, OZ), Corpsefeast (napier), Inverloch (melb, OZ) on SATURDAY. And Gormukilliodokus, Decimated King, Voice of the Black Pharaoh, Igni, AbhoR on SUNDAY. 17 bands (total), 3 of which are from Australia, 4 from the North Island. performing at the …