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Skulls of Wrath Weekly #2


Impressive Sign Language Interpreter at Lamb of God show in Austin, TexasABC News story: band, 'Silent Torture' announce new E.P Venue releases apparent study saying going to gigs at venues is good for you- says the venue owners.Link to press release- note the lack of reference to a standard type scientific paper. Jon Schnepp.

Side A: Fresh new Audio/Visuals.Bulletbelt- Faster then Death Krisiun- Demonic IIIJungle Rot- Send Forth OblivionCast the Stone- The Burning HorizonSide B: Metal HomeworkThe Agony Scene- "Tormentor" (Outerloop Records)Existem- "Mantle" Skeletonwitch- Devouring Radiant Light (Prosthetic Records)Powerw…

Skulls of Wrath Weekly: 18th July

Bruce Dickinson Spoken Word Tour (Aussie dates announced)'s Blindfolded and Led to the Woods announce Australia shows.Sydney show: show:, Director, Producer Jon Schnepp in critical condition in a L.A HospitalWorked on Metalocalypse- directing many of the music videosAlso worked on The Venture Bros & Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and much more.
Taking a look a small handful of newly released songs coming out of albums not yet released. Official music video or other Lyric type video likely.

Dee Snider: Become the Storm. Album, "For the Love of Metal" due out 27th July 2018. Deicide: Excommunicated. Album, "Overtures of Blasphemy" due out 14th September 2018. Pig destroyer: Army of Cops. Album, "Head Cage" due out 7th Septem…

Vinnie Paul Tribute (mini-episode)

Hi guys,
This is my very small part in honouring Vinnie Paul- RIP June 2018.

In 2007, shortly after starting on radio, Hellyeah had released their debut and announced a world tour- including shows in NZ & Australia.
It was through the promotion of this tour that I was permitted an interview (phone) and eventually a quick meet and greet with the band.

I realise many more people and professionals have given their tributes, all no doubt had more interaction with Vinnie Paul than my phone call & hand shake, but despite how insignificant that might seem, I was left with the indelible impression that here was a man who truly lived up to all the praise and hype.

-- Metalsucks -dot- net with their collation of social media tributes :