Skulls of Wrath Show- 5th Feb 2018

WELCOME to the Skulls of Wrath Show for 5th February 2018.

JUDAS PRIEST- Fire power
MEGADETH- Lying In State.
BELPHEGOR- Baphomet (Live)
SUSPERIA- The Lyricist
DEMONICAL- Towards Greater Gods
DESTROYER 666- Call of the Wild
THE ATLAS MOTH- Actual Human Blood
GENOCIDE PACT- Structural Dissolution
DARKEST HOUR- Enter Oblivion
ULCERATE- Abrogation (live in Krakow) (NZ)
CATTLE DECAPITATION- The Prophets of loss
SCORN OF CREATION- The Exodus of limbo. (NZ)

  •  New Judas Priest song from upcoming album of same name (“Firepower”) due out 9th March 2018. 
  • Newly released video from Megadeth for Lying in State, coming a full 2 years since the release of Distopia.
  • New Black Label Society album (their tenth) "Grimmest Hits" out now
  • Monotheist recently signed to Prosthetic Records & are set to release new album 'Scourge" on 16th March. Also, there's a lyric video for this one.
  • A "bootleg" of 'Baphomet' (live) by Belphegor, from their most recent album "Totenritual". Youtube video posted by the bands record label & yet is listed a 'bootleg'. Who knows.
  • Norwegian extreme/ melodic metal band, Susperia are set to release new album "The Lyricist" on  16th March via Agonia Records.
  • Demonical will release their fifth studio album, "Chaos Manifesto" on March 23 in Europe and April 27 in North America via Agonia Records. 
  • Light the Torch: Howard Jones (ex-KsE, ex-Devil you Know) new project. New album 'Revivial', due out March 30th.
  • New horror inspired video for Witherfall track- which comes from the bands debut & they are set to be working on a followup album for Century Media Records.
  • New Destroyer 666 E.P, "Call of the Wild" due out 23rd Feb 2018. 
  • RECOMMENDATION: A Chicago experimental-metal band, their new song from their fourth album, ‘Coma Noir’ on Prosthetic records, due Feb 9th 2018. 
  • New Genocide Pact album, ‘Order of Torment’, out now via Relapse Records.
  • New Darkest Hour music video, song from their 2017 release, 'Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora' 
  • Ulcerate have shows coming up in  NZ
    • Ulcerate / Spiteful Urinator / Distant Fear // AKL @ Kings Arms Feb 10th 
    • Ulcerate / Vesicant / Distant Fear / Crypt Incursion // WLGTN @ San fran March 17th,
  • Cattle Decapitation on NZ tour during early Feb:
    • 08th Feb @ Kings Arms AKLD- w/ Organectomy, Silent Torture, Scorn of Creation.
    • 09th Feb @ The Club Tavern CHCH- Organectomy, Secularity, Blindfolded and led to the Woods.
    • 10th Feb @ Valhalla, WGTN- Organectomy, Carnal, Depraved.
  • New Scorn of Creation self titled album, out now!


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