BEAST IN BLACK, Anton Kabanen on Skulls of Wrath


In this episode I feature the full / stand alone interview with Beast In Black guitarist and mastermind, Anton Kabanen.

Fans of Finnish Heavy / Power metal monsters; Battlebeast- or certainly their first 3 albums, might be familiar with the sound/ feel etc of Beast in Black as Anton Kabanen also headed up the creative approach there as well.

I am a huge fan of Antons work; the power, energy and all the other elements he brings together makes for an easy transition into my favoured music collection. Oh, and I'm not even familiar with one of the major (non-music) inspirations, Japanese Anime- that is to say, I'm potentially missing certain contexts of much of the lyrical content, yet I can still thoroughly enjoy the music. 

The interview is featured in the Skulls of Wrath podcast 3, as well as a very much abridged etc version appears in a youtube "Reaction" video I did (see embedded youtube playlist below for both this video and other music on youtube from BEAST IN BLACK.)


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