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The Skulls of Wrath Show- 23rd Jan 2018

Welcome to The Skulls of Wrath Show.
We're back doing the online radio show thing. Makes more sense, dunnit? I mean, I came from radio after all.

Below you'll find a playlist & copy of my notes I used for the show- generally not for public consumption

Motorhead- The Hammer. 
(A: Ace of Spades. 1980.) Fast Eddie Clarke, the last surviving member of the classic Motorhead lineup, passed 10th January 2018. R.I.P.

Corrosion of Conformity- The Luddite.
New album- “No Cross No Crown” out now & the band seem to be on tour with Black Label Society across America. I mean, around since the early 80’s, 10 studio albums now, at least, you know- everyone knows these guys, no brainer.

# YoutubeRant 

Headroller – God of Torment (NZ)
Self titled, debut album, out now! 

Dark Divinity – Season of Dark (NZ)
Newly formed melodic death metal band, a super group – i.e. Into Orbit, Cripple Mr Onion, Destructatron, Team Kill. Based in wellington nz, according to their fb page…Debut single (seasons of …

BEAST IN BLACK, Anton Kabanen on Skulls of Wrath

In this episode I feature the full / stand alone interview with Beast In Black guitarist and mastermind, Anton Kabanen.
Fans of Finnish Heavy / Power metal monsters; Battlebeast- or certainly their first 3 albums, might be familiar with the sound/ feel etc of Beast in Black as Anton Kabanen also headed up the creative approach there as well.
I am a huge fan of Antons work; the power, energy and all the other elements he brings together makes for an easy transition into my favoured music collection. Oh, and I'm not even familiar with one of the major (non-music) inspirations, Japanese Anime- that is to say, I'm potentially missing certain contexts of much of the lyrical content, yet I can still thoroughly enjoy the music.
The interview is featured in the Skulls of Wrath podcast 3, as well as a very much abridged etc version appears in a youtube "Reaction" video I did (s…

Podcast #3

Welcome to Skulls of Wrath Podcast #3.
In this podcast- the first from us in 2018, we wrap up 2017 with a run down on all (or certainly most) of the interviews I've done in the past year. (NOTE- The majority of these interviews were conducted under the banner of "HEAVY METAL WANAKA", our old name/brand;

The Skulls of Wrath Podcast #3 featuring interview with Anton Kabanen, guitarist and mastermind behind Finish Power Metal band, Beast In Black.


It's a short news segment this time around, being the 1st show back in 2018 etc, but I touch on developments coming out of Wellington (NZ) band Scorn of Creation

AND I also mention something about a new E.P from Canadian band, The Order of Chaos.

Beast in Black: "Blind and Frozen"

Welcome to 2018.

To kick things off, I made something similar to the so-called Reaction type videos for youtube. There's a little more to it, if you stick around until the end.

Stay tuned for the upcoming new podcast, our third as Skulls of Wrath, for the full interview with Anton Kabanen from Beast in Black (ex-Battlebeast.)