Skulls of Wrath #2 feat. Dean from Deathcall

Welcome to Skulls of Wrath Podcast Show Installment #2.

The main focus of this episode is my interview with Dean, from Dunedin Death Metal band Deathcall.

Deathcall recently released a brand new full length album "Eternal Darkness", available on all good music services.

As of early to mid December 2017, the band will be appearing at Short Blast to Oblivion at the end of December 2017 in Christchurch;

As well as at Strike of the Beast 4 during February 2018 in Wellington;
Elsewhere in the show, I have a wee pseudo-rant regarding the upcoming Starwars movie, wherein- under the assumption that this movie will be answering a few questions raised by the various hordes of youtube videos, I draw my line in the sand regarding the lineage of one of the female lead characters, Rey.

In News I touch on the upcoming wave of 2018 international shows that is lined up to NZ.

And, finally, in our Metal Studies segment I look into a study that had headlines all around the internet claiming that Heavy Metal makes one "Calmer", which, if you interpret the wording of the study, you -like myself- might have a minor issue over how the term 'calm' in all the headlines, came to replace 'anger processing'. (Results suggest that sitting in silence seems to have a more actual calming effect...)
Link to original study:


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