Dean, Deathcall on Skulls of Wrath

Welcome to Skulls of Wrath.

In todays Audio Segment I have my interview with Dean, from Dunedin Death Metal band Deathcall.

It was a bit of a odd situation, as when I initially called Dean for an interview it was over a month ago- prior to the new album -or even details- being released, and even before their performance at Satanfest 2017 in Christchurch.

STAY TUNED throughout the interview as we address this issue....

Deathcall recently released a brand new full length album "Eternal Darkness", available on all good music services. The album is somewhat of an Old-School-Death-Metal-inspired gem. The recording quality is top notch and really lets the band show off their chops. It's definitely a record to check out if you're a death metal / old school death metal or even NZ metal fan!

As of early to mid December 2017, the band will be appearing at Short Blast to Oblivion at the end of December 2017 in Christchurch;

As well as at Strike of the Beast 4 during February 2018 in Wellington;


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